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5 Star reviews for The Trouble with Playing Cupid

“Who doesn’t like a gritty love story. The romance plays out to be true to imagination with a real flare for an intimate setting and flawless character portrayals, the character ‘Trace’, being my favorite. The authors writing style sucks you in to the pages and I found I couldn’t put it down.
I was actually late for an appointment yesterday as I was so engrossed reading this book on the train that I missed my stop lol. I hope Tamara brings a lot more romance to our lives, and I will definitely be watching out for more books to come by this talented new author.” –Pennie Mae Cartawick. Author of the Sherlock Holmes book series¬†

Just saw this online and it sounded like a good read. Low and behold I was right.” –Neva Squires- Rodriguez, author of the Liliana series


“Despite having placed the book down due to being busy, as soon as I picked it up again, I had no problem being wrapped back up into the story. The characters are able to be connected with and each have their own quirks that give them life. The tone of the book is so casual that it feels as if you’re right in the thicket of the story’s environment. Additionally, the tone complements the characters very well as it emphasizes the thoughts of each of them that makes their situations feel real. Anytime a book can make me use my imagination to paint the picture, it’s doing a darn good job.” ¬†–Amazon book reviewer

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